Nov 21 to Dec 18 2022

Qatar WC 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022

From November 21 to December 18 of the year 2022, a total of 32 countries will look for a new world champion at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

World Cup Top Scorers

Virtually all the great football stars that the football world has known have experienced one or more World Cups. For many players, a football World Cup has ensured that they have really broken through in the international football world, resulting in the necessary high-profile transfers. One player stood out for his vital defensive work, while the other excelled at scoring goals.

Well-known top scorers World Cup

At one World Cup, the tournament’s top scorer came as a surprise, when you could have already imagined in advance that this player would become the top scorer. Some of the big names who have ever been top scorers in a World Cup are Garrincha, Mario Kempes, Gerd Müller, Gary Lineker, Ronaldo, Miroslav Klose and Paolo Rossi. Just Fontaine scored the most goals at a World Cup: no fewer than thirteen. During the 1962 FIFA World Cup, the tournament’s top scorers scored just four goals; however, six players achieved this number.

All-time World Cup top scorers

Germany’s Miroslav Klose is the all-time World Cup scorer. In total, the goal thief made no fewer than sixteen hits for the German National team. The top five all-time goalscorers of the FIFA World Cup are as follows:

Klose – 16 goals
Ronaldo (BR)  – 15 goals
Muller – 14 goals
Fontaine – 13 goals
Pele – 12 goals
Klinsmann, Kocsis – 11 goals

Top 10 Strongest countries

From the FIFA World Ranking!
last update: 23 June ’22

  1. Brazil – 1837.56
  2. Belgium – 1821.92
  3. Argentina – 1770.65
  4. France – 1764.85
  5. England – 1737.46
  6. Spain – 1716.93
  7. Italy – 1713.86
  8. The Netherlands – 1679.41
  9. Portugal – 1678.65
  10. Denmark – 1665.47