Nov 21 to Dec 18 2022

Qatar WC 2022

Qatar World Cup 2022

From November 21 to December 18 of the year 2022, a total of 32 countries will look for a new world champion at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

World Cup 2022 in Qatar

From November 21 to December 18 of this year, a total of 32 countries will take on the football battle on an amazing world stage and fight for a new world champion at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. So who will be able to beat the current titleholder France? The 22nd final round in FIFA history has already secured its place in history. This has a lot to do with the allocation of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. It is for the first time that it is necessary to host a World Cup at the end of the year rather than in the summer.

The Qatar World Cup winter edition

Like to visit Qatar WC 2022, the worldwide biggest football tournament edition there is. Travelling to the World Cup in Qatar will bring a fantastic football experience. And unique to this World Cup edition, it will be held in the winter period.

Qatar is relatively easy to travel to by plane. It is about a six-hour flight, and several airlines fly from Schiphol to the capital Doha. There will also be travel organizations that offer complete packages. A total package includes the flight, hotel and tickets.

To offer all fans a place to sleep, Qatar wants to build several floating hotels in the sea off the coast of Doha. There are also plans for a luxury Bedouin encampment in the desert. A trip to Qatar during the World Cup football 2022 will consist of tents with air conditioning, fully equipped and modern-day style.

► How many countries are playing in the Qatar World Cup 2022?
In total, 32 countries will participate in the Qatar WC 2022 this winter. All countries had to qualify through preliminary rounds, except the host country Qatar, which is automatically qualified for the final round of the World Cup in their own country.

► Countries that participate in the 2022 World Cup
All participants for the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar are now known. The last three countries were announced last June 2022. View the list of all World Cup participants here.

► How many European countries play in the World Cup?
The European Football Association, UEFA, supplies 13 participants to the World Cup. You can find out which European countries these are on the page about all 2022 World Cup participants.

► Why will the 2022 World Cup be held in winter?
It is the first time a FIFA World Cup will be held in winter. Initially, the World Cup was planned for the summer. Still, since the temperatures in the summer in Qatar can sometimes exceed 40 degrees Celsius, FIFA decided in December 2015 to hold the World Cup in the winter. Because the World Cup is held in the winter, most football competitions have to be interrupted in between.

Top 10 Strongest countries

From the FIFA World Ranking!
last update: 23 June ’22

  1. Brazil – 1837.56
  2. Belgium – 1821.92
  3. Argentina – 1770.65
  4. France – 1764.85
  5. England – 1737.46
  6. Spain – 1716.93
  7. Italy – 1713.86
  8. The Netherlands – 1679.41
  9. Portugal – 1678.65
  10. Denmark – 1665.47